It is a gift of life to be a human being.

Although there are people claiming the human brain is an outdated computer needing an upgrade by connecting it to artificial minds in the cloud, I say the human brain is a well of creativity and an endless oase of depth and love. Human beings are the expression of life itself.

IF our human brain is aligned with life itself, which is love and therefor to be trusted, it provides us with everything we need. No machine can ever duplicate or improve it. Ever.

The human touch is what makes this planet worthwhile living. The real human touch grows from a free human being. A free human being is an individual in touch with his nature.

If the human mind is free of the unnatural programming it provides new worlds, justice for all, abundance for all, peace. The earth will be our paradise instead of this world filled with war, struggle, death, supression, mind control, manipulation and violence.

In this video you can see the programming working and the human love and creativity. Beautiful.